Greg Kunkel's 5 Element Collinear

I am writing this email to describe the performance of a version of your Mk1  5 element Collinear Antenna.
It is constructed of RG58 coax with a 10 ft RG58 lead.
It is connected with  30ft  RG6 coax to a ACR Nauticast AIS Receiver which is then conneced by USB to my Windows XP computer.
The Antenna is inserted into 10 ft of half inch PVC pipe and is hung from the branches of a Norway spruce on its north side.
The tree is on the south side of my house which is in the middle of Long Island NY.
My house is surrounded on the north and south with glacial moraines averaging 150 ft in altitude.
The bottom of the antenna is 75 ft above sea level.
Frankly I expected very little reception to the south because of the position of the antenna in the tree but I have seen no evidence that the tree interferes with the signal.
I have included a photo and some diagrams that demonstrate the reception.
I have not include some long range receptions of up to 130 miles, that probably due to unusual atmospheric conditions.
Thank you for your sharing of the plans.
I have written a program in Delphi 5 to plot the AIS positions in real time on my local charts and on Google Earth.