All 27 Ais Message Types

All are decoded by my decoder

Type Name Description
1 Position reportAIS Message 1 Scheduled position report (Class A shipborne mobile equipment)
2 Position reportAIS Message 2 Assigned scheduled position report; (Class A shipborne mobile equipment)
3 Position reportAIS Message 3 Special position report, response to interrogation; (Class A shipborne mobile equipment)
4 Base station reportAIS Message 4 Position, UTC, date and current slot number of base station
5 Static and voyage related dataAIS Message 5 Scheduled static and voyage related vessel data report; (Class A shipborne mobile equipment)
6 Binary addressed messageAIS Message 6 Binary data for addressed communicationView Binary Messages
Binary acknowledgementAIS Message 7 Acknowledgement of received addressed binary data
8 Binary broadcast messageAIS Message 8 Binary data for broadcast communicationView Binary Messages
Standard SAR aircraft position reportAIS Message 9 Position report for airborne stations involved in SAR operations, only
UTC/date inquiryAIS Message 10 Request UTC and date
UTC/date responseAIS Message 11 Current UTC and date if available
Addressed safety related messageAIS Message 12 Safety related data for addressed communication
Safety related acknowledgementAIS Message 13 Acknowledgement of received addressed safety related message
Safety related broadcast messageAIS Message 14 Safety related data for broadcast communication
InterrogationAIS Message 15 Request for a specific message type (can result in multiple responses from one or several stations
Assignment mode commandAIS Message 16 Assignment of a specific report behaviour by competent authority using a Base station
DGNSS broadcast binary messageAIS Message 17 DGNSS corrections provided by a base station
Standard Class B equipment position reportAIS Message 18 Standard position report for Class B shipborne mobile equipment to be used instead of Messages 1, 2, 3
Extended Class B equipment position reportAIS Message 19 Extended position report for class B shipborne mobile equipment; contains additional static information
Data link management messageAIS Message 20 Reserve slots for Base station(s)
Aids-to-Navigation reportAIS Message 21 Position and status report for aids-to-navigation
Channel managementAIS Message 22 Management of channels and transceiver modes by a Base station
Group assignment commandAIS Message 23 Assignment of a specific report behaviour by competent authority using a Base station to a specific group of mobiles
Static data reportAIS Message 24 Additional data assigned to an MMSI Part A: Name, Part B: Static Data
Single slot binary messageAIS Message 25 Short unscheduled binary data transmission (broadcast or addressed)
Multiple slot binary message with Communications StateAIS Message 26 Scheduled binary data transmission (broadcast or addressed)
Position report for long range applicationsAIS Message 27 Scheduled position report; Class A shipborne mobile equipment outside base station coverage